2019 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

The following Candidate Statements have been received for consideration as PHCA Board members for the 2019-2020 term:




Colin is a Principal at RDH Engineering and is based in the Oakland offices.  He has extensive practical experience designing energy efficient buildings, including numerous Passive House projects. I am looking forward to getting better connected with the local PH community, and using the platform as an opportunity to continue to share knowledge about energy efficient construction practices with the local design and construction community.




SOPHIA BEAVIS - Feldman Architects

I am excited for the opportunity to join the PHCA Board of Directors. My love of Passive House began in graduate school at the University of Oregon where I took courses and conducted research on Passive House buildings which getting my Master of Architecture. Once out of graduate school I took a CPHC course and became familiar with both WUFI Passive and PHPP. At my office I use both tools to evaluate predicted project performance and I love to geek out with building data. Of all the paths to carbon neutrality, Passive House design is an excellent place to start to lower the overall energy needs of a building. I have presented on paths to carbon neutrality at multiple conferences around the country including Greenbuild, Living Future unConference, and the Getting to Zero National Forum. I am passionate about a carbon neutral future and love to get other people involved in our pathway to it. I would like to join the board to have a wider impact on the built environment. I would like to get involved in policy and education of the broader AEC industry and help pave the way for more people, in particular architects, to join the movement and understand the benefits of PH design. I have been pushing a path towards carbon neutrality at Feldman Architecture, and I would like to see more large buildings head that direction. I think this would be a great platform to both share my knowledge with and gain knowledge from the larger community.



SOFIA SIEGEL - Verdical Group

Thank you for considering my application for the Passive House California Board of Directors for 2019 – 2020. I am a passionate Green Buildings advocate and have devoted my career thus far to amplifying strategies that mitigate the impacts of climate change, and help build a more just world. In the two years I have worked on the Perlita Passive House with board member Xavier Gaucher (as the Living Building Challenge Project Manager), I have been amazed by the efficacy of the Passive House Standard, and its applicability in Southern California. I serve on the Board of Directors for Few For Change, and have been an active member of their Communications and Strategic Planning Committees since 2013. I am the co-chair of the Energy Subcomittee for the Living Building Challenge: Los Angeles collaborative, where we host educational events to promote green building in Los Angeles. I am fascinated and driven by the many paths available to building a better world with a smaller footprint. Paired with a background in Development for a sustainability non-profit, I believe my strengths as a communicator, fundraiser, board member, and advocate would be a perfect fit to support Passive House California efforts in moving the market from the bottom up, and the top down. I know this is no small task, and I would love to do this work with you.