New & Natural Products Panel - Wool: Hemp: Cork

Sun, 05/31/2015 -
3:30pm to 5:30pm

Insulation products are being scrutinized more intensively by high performance builders, architects and designers. Ecological responsibility extends beyond energy and materials must be considered.  Join our three panelists for a short introduction to their natural insulation products, followed by an open session for questions from the audience.

3.00pm - Intro to Passive House for new attendees 
3.30pm - Regular PHCA Meeting Starts 
3.15pm - Education Segment: New Products Panel 
5.00pm - Networking & Beer

This meeting is free for PHCA Pro members, $5 for supporters and $10 for guests. Beer and networking included.


Andrew Legge - Andrew is founder and managing partner of Havelock Wool. He has a passion for all things New Zealand and seeks to leverage his experience in investment management, senior management and business development to enhance two-way trade and capital flows between the US and NZ. His interests in NZ were refined during six years living in SE Asia. Andrew is a high energy individual who is uncomfortable without entirely too much to do. Studies include University of Chicago Booth School of Business (MBA, Finance) and Hampden- Sydney College (BA, History).


Albert Rooks - Albert is the owner of The Small Planet Workshop, a product supplier based in Olympia, Washington. He believes "that 'social responsibility' and a 'profitable business' have never been mutually exclusive." Albert enjoys traveling and learning the different ways that people build all over the world. From traditional timber frames to ultra-modern Passivhaus & zero energy building, he is continually interested and inspired by various building methods. His favorite raw materials are grown or found in nature, and can be processed into building materials in a way that allows them to be recycled back into the environment without poisoning it. 

Matthew K. Engelmann - is Director of Sales and Marketing at American Lime Technology. Building on entrepreneurial inclination, information science education and twelve years of manufacturing management experience, Matt spent the last four years “drinking from a firehose” directing business development and execution of product and service solutions at American Lime Technology and sister company US Heritage Group. During this time over 500 sustainable new construction, restoration, and historic preservation projects have been completed. Matt has eleven years of manufacturing management experience with focus on industrial solutions selling. He attended the University of Florida where he earned a degree in Decision and Information Science with a minor in Economics. 


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