Nov. Meeting: Passive House Myth Busters!

Sun, 11/23/2014 -
3:00pm to 5:30pm

Our monthly meeting will start at 3.00pm with an 'Intro to Passive House' for those new to Passive House, followed by our regular meeting at 3.30pm. Meetings are FREE for members (PHCA membership available online here), $5 for supporters, $10 guests and visitors. Come for the networking, stay for the beer (included.)

Presenters: A Panel of Local PH Experts 
Topic: Myth Busters!

Bring-A-Skeptic to PHCA for this lively event where we'll confirm or bust all those Passive House-related myths you've been hearing. Two debate teams will hash out the rights and wrongs of buildings science, economics and market dynamics. Heckling and audience participation will be strongly encouraged. Any member who brings a self-proclaimed "skeptic" will receive 'free' entry and an extra beer.


Pyramid Alehouse and Brewery

901 Gilman Street

Berkeley, CA