Recent projects across America have proven that it is possible to design and build multifamily buildings to Passive House performance standards with little or no additional investment required. It has also been proven that these buildings operate on less than one-quarter of the energy needed for buildings that are only code compliant… thus enabling zero net energy with a much smaller investment in renewable energy production. When you add in the increased comfort, quiet, and health benefits, Passive House multifamily is the proverbial “no brainer”.

A key factor driving the exceptional energy performance of Passive House buildings is airtightness, and occupants need continuous fresh air. Therefore, Passive House multifamily buildings require sophisticated ventilation systems to provide that fresh air with minimum loss of heat in winter or heat gain in summer.

In this presentation Barry Stephens of Ventacity Systems provides an overview of ventilation strategies and solutions that deliver continuous fresh air in big buildings as efficiently as possible.