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 PASSIVE HOUSE BUILDINGS: California's Energy Future


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PASSIVE HOUSE BUILDINGS: North America Highlights 2017


• PASSIVE HOUSE AWARD  | 2nd Passive House Architecture Award

• CEPHEUS Book: "The official concluding document of the CEPHEUS Austria 1998–2001 Project," which details nine Austrian Passive House buildings.


The North American Passive House Network (NAPHN): This organization is accredited by the Passivhaus Institut to provide official Passive House Certification services and rigorous Passive House Consultant training courses, as well as host exams.

The Passivhaus Institut (PHI): An independent research institution in Germany, founded in 1996 by Dr. Wolfgang Feist, that performs research and development on highly efficient energy use (click on “English” for a translated site)

Cost-Efficient Passive Houses in a Central European Climate: A short report by Dr Wolfgang Feist that explains the development of Passive House, presented at the 1998 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA

Cost Efficient Passive Houses as European Standards (CEPHEUS): A European Commission project to construct 250 housing units to Passive House standards in five European countries

An Interview With Wolfgang Feist: From Energy Design Update, Vol. 28, No. 1, January 2008

Passive House Directory: An index page on the PassivHaus Institut (PHI) site to many useful resources

Active for more comfort: The Passive House: International Passive House Association

Passive Houses in Mediterranean Climates: A report from the PHI on PH in southern Europe.

Comfort analysis of a passive house in different locations in Italy: A report from the PHI on PH in four Italian cities.

Passive houses in Sweden: Experiences from design and construction phase: Ulla Janson, Lund University

Myths About Passive Houses: From the Swedish Passive House Centre

Homes for a Changing Climate - Passive Houses in the U.S.: Book authored by Katrin Klingenberg, Mike Kernagis, and Mary James that explains the Passive House approach and details nine pioneering U.S. projects from coast to coast

The Tahan Residence: A Berkeley Passive House retrofit in progress. First retrofit in the US and first attempted Passive House project in California.

The Waldsee BioHaus: A residential language school built to Passive House standard in Northern Minnesota and the first certified Passive House in the US.

An Illinois “Passivhaus”: Energy Design Update, May 2004. The first Passive House in the US.

Climate Neutral Passive House Estate in Hannover- Kronsberg: Construction and Measurement Results: From CEPHEUS project

Life-Cycle Energy Analysis: Comparison of Low-Energy House, Passive House, Self-Sufficient House: Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Passive House Institut, 1997.

NZ Passive House: Tools and technical resources offered by a New Zealand architect and planner

Wikipedia entry on Passive Houses

Passive House History