Mike Horgan

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Horgan Design-Build, Inc.; The Fern Consulting

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New England born-and-bred design-builder newly located in San Luis Obispo, California after two years of bee-bopping around the globe, building a home in Australia, and living in Mexico. Lifelong builder despite detours into econ, finance, and education degrees. Owned (still own) Horgan Design-Build, Inc. out of Brewster, MA on Cape Cod from 2003/04 until December 2015. Have built six or seven net-zero homes; once came very close to PH on a remodel and actually achieved .6 (wink wink) via a bit of creative cheating - we taped off an existing brick chimney that the homeowner simply could not part with just to prove how near we were - still achieved Energy Star rating. I also have a beautifully terrible and expensive story of my first attempt at becoming a PH Designer via PHIUS. Ask me someday. Will be in Seattle for the workshop April 16-20th, 2018.


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