2021 Board of Directors Commitment Statement

If elected to the Passive House California Board of Directors, I commit to actively participate in the growth and development of the organization and to satisfy the following duties and requirements:

  • Maintain PHCA Professional Membership in good standing;
  • Speak or act on behalf of the board or PHCA only when authorized to do so;
  • Articulate and uphold the mission, vision, and values of PHCA;
  • Select the officers of the board;
  • Support the officers and other directors and assess their performance;
  • Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance annually;
  • Ensure the board operates with legal and ethical integrity and is accountable to its members and obligations;
  • Read and understand PHCA’s financial statements – or responsible summaries thereof –and help the board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility;
  • Be accessible and contribute knowledge and experience to help assure success of PHCA;
  • Be proactive in determining PHCA’s strategic goals and objectives and work to develop and strengthen the programs and services required to achieve them;
  • Serve as an ambassador of PHCA and work to enhance the organization’s public standing;
  • Help influence diverse groups and sectors in the industry;
  • Help engage and recruit new members for PHCA;
  • Help bring significant new resources (financial or otherwise) to the work of PHCA;
  • Undertake special assignments and serve on committees, including in leadership positions, as requested or, where appropriate, by my initiative;
  • Help secure funding for PHCA’s programs through sponsorship, corporate and charitable sources, grant funding, or other fundraising efforts;
  • Coordinate and help secure volunteers for events, committees, special task forces and advocacy within the community;
  • Abide by PHCA’s code of conduct, conflict of interest, confidentiality, antitrust, and anti-harassment policies; (under development).

Meetings and Time Commitments

  • Spend an average of 10-15 hours per month on board-related meetings and work;
  • Prepare for and actively participate in annual board retreat and at least 75% of monthly board meetings;
  • Attend monthly PHCA meetings and assist as required;
  • Endeavor to attend special board, officer and advocacy training sessions and board member orientations;
  • Endeavor to attend special events and educational seminars as well as other PHCA sponsored or supported community events;
  • Endeavor to attend annual regional and national events and provide updates to the chapter of information received;
  • Volunteer to serve and manage community or trade show events where the PHCA has a booth or presence.

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