2020 Board of Directors Candidate Statements

The following Candidate Statements have been received for consideration as PHCA Board members for the 2021-2022 term:

--> Candidate Statements will be published as PHCA receives applications.

 Cyril Petit
Cyril is a versatile engineer, graduated from a French engineering school, who worked in different industries like railroad, aeronautics, aerospace, automotive and the building construction one. He has always been passionate about the technologies of the future, no matter what industry he worked for. Before starting the company Construction Progress (aka CPHBA), he developed 3 patents while working in Research and Development for the Millet Group, already creating smart and efficient new lines of products fighting discomfort problems and energy overconsumption. Cyril moved to California in 2014. Since then, he has been able to provide his support and expertise to local builders, engineers, architects and homeowners with a green mindset."

Steve Mann
Steve Mann is a California HERS Rater and Certified Energy Analyst (CEA), LEED AP+ Homes and Green Rater, and a certified Passive House Consultant, Tradesperson, Trainer, and building Certifier with the Passive House Institute (www.passivehouse.com). He has been actively involved in high-performance residential construction, in a variety of roles, including owner/builder, for more than 15 years. 

His two most recent design/build projects are Net Zero Energy, and are both LEED Platinum and Passive House certified. He is currently working on several Passive House projects as Certifier or Consultant. His former non-profit experience includes President of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants and President of the San Luis Obispo chapter of Habitat for Humanity. 


 Jason Scheurer
Jason Scheurer has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and as a pioneer in the construction and management of environmentally responsible buildings. He has vast experience as a General Contractor, Project Manager, Project Estimator, and has been in the Energy Efficiency field for over 15 years. He has built one of the first Net Zero Energy Homes (NZEH) in Orange County, California. This home was certified by Build It Green as a GreenPoint Rated home that achieved an astonishing 210 points. Jason’s mission is to first - “Do No Harm” and help teach and educate the green construction industry and the end consumer about the rights and wrongs of our existing building stock and how to make these buildings perform at their BEST by applying House-as-a-System, Building Science and Energy Efficient techniques through the standards established by Passive House Institute, Building Performance Institute, Build It Green and National Comfort Institute. Jason is a BPI Approved Super Proctor, has numerous certifications with BPI, Build It Green, National Comfort Institute, etc. As a “Building Scientist” Jason takes his profession to heart and educates contractors and homeowners towards energy efficiency in residential buildings across the nation. Jason has taken training classes on the CPHD/C course, and is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson (CPHT).