Electrification and the Grid | Community Meeting

Concerns are often raised about how the growing movement toward electrification of buildings and transportation will impact the electric grid and the utilities’ ability to supply affordable, reliable power to its customers. However, the utilities in California are putting into place plans to support the state’s goals for carbon neutrality by 2045, and to meet the challenge of a clean energy future. Energy Codes and how buildings are designed to optimize their interaction with the grid will also play a significant role.

As one of the nation’s largest electric utilities, Southern California Edison delivers power to 15 million people in 50,000 square miles across central, coastal and Southern California. More than 180 incorporated cities and 15 counties are represented across its service territory.

The presentation will:

  • Provide an overview of near and long-term goals and strategies for decarbonization in the electric utility sector
  • Address common misconceptions about how the growing trends toward building and transportation electrification will impact the electric grid
  • Discuss opportunities for grid-interactive technologies to support electrification in a way that is beneficial to the electric grid

Presenter: Dave Intner, Architect and Senior Advisor, Southern California Edison