EpiPHany Corner | A High-Performance Enclosure: The #1 Priority for Resiliency

Resiliency is the “ability to withstand and recover from difficult life events.” In the case of buildings, difficult life events include extreme heat or cold, wildfires, airborne pollutants (including smoke), and power outages.

  • The #1 priority for achieving resiliency is a high-performance enclosure (envelope)
  • The #1 priority for attaining a high-performance enclosure is air sealing
  • Employing Passive House protocols is the #1 way of delivering an airtight enclosure

The high-performing envelope of a Passive House building (ADU, single family, multifamily, school, commercial, and others) further enhances resilience by incorporating climate specific insulation and avoiding thermal bridges, both of which increase resilience to extreme heat or cold.

Incorporating a “Passive House” envelope for any building provides significant health and safety benefits for occupants and is environmentally responsible — a smart choice and a right choice.

Author: Jay Gentry