Envelope Infiltration Reduction by Design and Execution to Meet PH & ZNE

Fri, 12/09/2016 -
9:00am to 4:30pm

PHCA member, Terry Nordbye, will conduct an all-day training at the Pacific Energy Center to share his hard-won wisdom for how to design an air-tight building envelope. Terry will use real-world examples to give architects and contractors an understanding of the importance of air sealing, how to incorporate air sealing into building design, and what materials and techniques work best to make a tighter building. You are sure to leave the room with a new and deeper understanding of how to air seal your next project.

About the Instructor:

Terry Nordbye worked on California’s first passive house for CLAM, a West Marin affordable housing association. For the past nine years he has focused on high performance buildings and products, specializing in air-sealing new and existing buildings. Terry also consults with contractors and architects on better building-envelope techniques.


• 2015 Commissioner, Marin County Architectural Commission

• 2012: International Passive House Tradesman, PHI, Dublin, Ireland

• 2011: Certified Building Analyst Professional, Building Performance Institute, New York

• 2009: Certified Green Building Professional, Build It Green, Oakland, California

• Member: iPHa and Passive House California (PHCA) since 2009

This class if free, but registration on the Pacific Energy Center website is REQUIRED here:


Pacific Energy Center

851 Howard Street, San FranciscoCA