A presentation from 3C-REN:

Having gained a solid understanding of high-performance building enclosures from classes 1 through 3 in 3C-REN’s High Performance Fundamentals series, participants are well-prepared for this class, which will provide a foundation in the use of heat pumps for both space conditioning (heating and cooling) and water heating. The class will cover what a heat pump is and explain why heat pumps are essential elements of high performance buildings. Special attention will be paid to refrigerants: how heat pumps use them, how to avoid leaks through proper installation, and why it’s important to avoid leaks due to the damage they can cause to contractor profitability and the planet. An overview will be provided to aid in selecting, sizing, installing, and commissioning heat pump equipment, so that it performs as intended. Note: You are not required to have attended classes 1 through 3 to attend this event.


After attending this class, participants will be able to:

  • Describe in lay language what a heat pump is, its benefits, and how it works;
  • Describe the environmental consequence of releasing small quantities of refrigerant to the atmosphere;
  • Define heat pump performance metrics and variables that differentiate different models;
  • Explain the process of sizing and selecting a heat pump;
  • List, in order, the steps for installing and commissioning a heat pump.

2 AIA HSW|LU Pending for this course