Today, high-performance is recognized as the future of the built environment. However, while we continue to promote high-performance design and construction as providing significant benefits for owners, occupants, and the environment, we depict it as “upgrades” that are well worth the additional investment required. It is important and urgent that we change to positioning high-performance as the baseline rather than positive options that require a premium.

Some percentage of people will choose to make an additional investment in order to get something better — something that they believe will meet a need, solve a problem, or capture an opportunity. HOWEVER, a much higher percentage of people will refuse to give up things they perceive as valuable, just to save some money.

By positioning high-performance as the baseline, we change the decision from whether to invest more to enjoy the benefits of high-performance — to what they would be willing to sacrifice in order to save a little money. They are forced to decide what to give up — energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality, comfort, resilience, durability, lower cost of maintenance, environmental responsibility, etc. Not easy choices.

This workshop will explore: The elements of high-performance and the benefits that they provide, the underlying logic of choosing the aspirational approach of what is possible, and several ways to make the case that the right and smart decision is to start with high-performance as the baseline.

Learning Objectives 

  • Attendees will recognize and be able to explain the performance continuum from code compliance, through prescriptive standards, to evidence-based high-performance.
  • Attendees will be able describe the elements of high-performance design and construction, as well as the benefits that they provide to owners, occupants, and the environment.
  • Attendees will learn to apply selected consultative selling concepts and skills to connect the elements of high-performance to the needs, priorities, and preferences of owners and occupants.
  • Attendees will be provided with the underlying logic and several examples of ways to position and present the elements of high-performance as the standard… the baseline for the built environment.

1.5 AIA|HSW LU available for this event