Passive House California Virtual Community Meeting | Communicating the Value of High-Performance

There are many professionals associated with the building industry (architects, engineers, builders, jurisdiction personnel, etc.) who recognize and support the high-performance of Passive House — but find it difficult to successfully communicate the value of high-performance to others who are not familiar with the benefits of Passive House principles. This presentation and Q & A will focus on ways to persuasively communicate the logic of choosing high-performance for the design and construction of new buildings as well as the retrofitting of existing buildings.

The presentation will include:

  • Recognition of Passive House protocols as the Baseline for building performance
  • The comfort, health, and safety benefits to occupants of Passive House buildings
  • The positive impact of Passive House principles on the mitigation of climate change as well as adaptation to the extreme weather, fire and smoke, and power outages associated with the changing climate
  • Key reasons that people choose to invest in high-performance

Presenter: Jay Gentry — Passive House California Board of Directors