Passive House California Virtual Community Meeting | “The Underlying Logic of Electrifying your Home”

Passive House California is excited to announce the initiation of a monthly Virtual Community Meeting program. The initial meeting will be on October 17 at Noon, and ongoing meetings will be on the third Tuesday of each month at Noon. We will provide information about each monthly meeting on the PHCA website ( and in the previous month’s PHCA newsletter. Meeting information will also be posted on the Passive House Network website (

The Community Meetings will be aligned with the PHCA mission and will focus on increasing awareness, understanding, and application of the International Passive House standard in California. Each meeting will be open to anyone who is involved in, interested in, or supports Passive House — and will provide the opportunity for networking.

Each of the Community Meetings will include:

  • A few minutes at the beginning for self-introductions of attendees (name, company, location, and why they have chosen to join the meeting).

  • A featured presentation (around 20 minutes) related to Passive House protocols, components, performance, etc. – Each presentation will be described in the announcements on the website and in the monthly newsletter.

  • A Q & A session related to the featured presentation, but also appropriate for other Passive House related issues or opportunities.

  • A call to action for attendees that will be related to advocacy for the application of Passive House protocols in upcoming opportunities.

  • Networking with attendees, presenters, the PHCA host of the meeting.

Attend and network with others working to transform the building industry in California. Get the latest, regional, national & international Passive House news. Hear reports on ongoing efforts and help brainstorm new ones.  Please invite friends or colleagues who may be interested.

“The Underlying Logic of Electrifying your Home”

Decarbonization of the built environment (new construction and/or retrofit) is critical in the fight against climate change. Combining electrification with the extreme energy efficiency of Passive House protocols is synergistic in driving down greenhouse gas emissions, providing healthy indoor air quality, and the achievement of zero net carbon. The presentation from TRC Companies will focus on elements of the California Energy-Smart Homes program.

  • Environmental and economic benefits

  • Role of electrification in combating climate change

  • Advanced energy technologies

  • Incentives programs to help make electrification pencil out



Oct 17 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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