Passive House for Everyone (Free for PHCA Members)

Hear In Cho talk about her Passive House for Everyone initiative and how to educate the next generation in energy efficient buildings.

NYC-based Passive House architect and educator, In Cho, while encompassing policy support, groundwork-building, and training within the Passive House AEC community, recognizes the critical need for a multifaceted approach to address the urgent environmental and social crises we face today.

True change emerges when knowledge isn’t just a static repository but a catalyst for action.  Education should empower individuals to transform their thinking and become active agents of environmental and social change. In this context, transformative education is the linchpin that can reshape perceptions, spark innovation, and drive the widespread adoption of Energy Efficiency through Passive House.

To catalyze transformative education, In Cho leverages the creative arts to enrich the learning experience. By integrating art and creativity into the process of learning about Energy Efficiency via Passive House principles, she empowers individuals to think beyond the conventional and seek innovative solutions to the pressing challenges we face. This approach not only strengthens their imagination but also sharpens critical thinking skills and lifelong learning, crucial for tackling our current environmental and social crises.




Oct 11 2023


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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