The scope of Passive House buildings in China

Join Berthold Kaufmann and Wei Kuang from the PHI

When talking about the origins of the Passive House standard, we think of Germany as its birthplace. However, the original idea for this energy efficient building standard came from Dr. Wolfgang Feist thinking about how to solve the low comfort in living spaces in South China, where district heating has been banned up until today. After 30 years of extensive research, it is amazing to see how Passive House has developed, not only in Europe but throughout the world. In China, too, Passive House is gaining popularity and spreading from north to south.

This webinar will present various completed Passive House projects in China arranged by building types. Within this framework, the webinar sets out to compare the projects from different perspectives, such as aspects like the buildings’ sizes, construction methods, climate zones etc. Sharing the project experiences from China, a series of on-site solutions for Passive House will be presented that can serve as examples for other Passive House projects all over the world.