Thank you for becoming a member of Passive House California (PHCA). Please follow the steps illustrated below to setup your Organization/Company Membership and your additional associated team member accounts.

Step 1

Please login to your new company account to access the User Dashboard.

Step 2

Click on “MEMBER PROFILE” and setup your main company account first.

Step 3

a. “Edit” will allow you to change your information. Please note this is referring to your company’s public profile in our directory.

b. Click “Change Profile Photo” to add your company logo. A square format works best.

Step 4

When editing your profile, you can add your “Personal Information” – please note this is referring to your company (display name in PHCA member directory, phone, e-mail, address, etc.). When you add your “Professional Information” it is referring to your company qualifications.

Step 5

To add your team members. Return to the User Dashboard and click on “ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT”.

Step 6

This page shows your billing account information, which allows you to use different information than what shows on your public profile. Click “Subscriptions”.

Step 7

Click “Sub-Accounts” to add Team Members.

Step 8

This section will display how many sub-accounts are available to you and how many have been used, based on your membership level. Click on “Add Sub-Account” and create one account for each person by filling in their details. Click “Submit” to finish the process.

Step 9

The new user will need to login separately with their username. After they login, the new user can fill out their profile and choose how it should be displayed in the member directory.

The PHCA Member Directory on the website will display (a) the company and (b) each team member associated with this account.