Design/Build Assistance

  • Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD/C) [Designer / Architect]
  • Certified Passive House Trades Person (CPHT) [Contractor]
  • Passive House Components Manufacturer / Supplier
  • Pomona, CA



I am currently in the process of designing an ADU garage conversion with minor additions to the existing single family dwelling; the additions will be separate from one another and will be for both the ADU and the existing home.

This ADU is purpose driven as the goal is to provide additional income for my parents who are looking to retire and to also provide a form of affordable housing for both my partner and I.

I am an urban planner by trade and am looking to incorporate a variety of ideas into the design and construction of this proposal. In particular, I am looking to incorporate passive home design, universal design standards and native landscaping into the project. The primary challenge to this is attempting the project with a potentially limited budget given income restraints. For that reason, I am looking for assistance in finding solutions in making this a possibility in an affordable manner.

Quotes, project ideas, suggestions, etc would be incredibly appreciated! I do currently have draft sketches available of the existing property and the proposed changes.


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