Wildfires, COVID-19 and Passive House in California

Based on the great interest we noticed during the round table discussion “Passive House on the Frontlines: Wildfire Smoke & Indoor Air Quality” we would like to share the following two articles on this topic with you: “How Do You Sell a 'High-Performance Home?” by Lloyd Alter who is Design Editor for Treehugger “Keeping the Smoke Out” by Cameron Munro & Joel Seagren

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist | The Future of the Industry Post COVID-19

Prof. Feist is discussing Passive House, the role of science and ethics in construction and the future of the industry post-COVID 19. This is a recording of a presentation Prof. Wolfgang Feist held for members of the press on Tuesday May 28, 2020. After the presentation, there is a compilation of questions asked in two Q&A sessions. CLICK HERE TO START THE VIDEO PRESENTATION. Power Point Presentation: CLICK HERE Press…