Welcome Aerobarrier Dealers as Supporting Sponsors

Passive House California is pleased to welcome the alliance of California AEROBARRIER dealers as Supporting Sponsors. An airtight building envelope is foundational to Passive House levels of efficiency, comfort, and healthy indoor air quality. AeroBarrier is an innovative air sealing technology that is becoming a valued tactic to meet air-tightness targets for new and retrofitted buildings.

The AeroBarrier system provides a revolutionary way of achieving consistent whole building airtightness for builders and can be done quickly and efficiently.  When combined with traditional air sealing techniques, reaching the Passive House standard of 0.6 ACH is no longer a risky proposition.  Fear the blower door no more!

In addition to extremely tight air sealing, AeroBarrier significantly enhances both sound and pest reduction by sealing fine gaps and cracks hidden throughout an entire building. It can be applied to a wide variety of projects, including single and multifamily homes, grow facilities, refrigerated warehouses, and more.

AeroBarrier sealant is nontoxic, Greenguard Gold certified, and has been rated for a minimum 50 year life span.

To find a California dealer near you, please visit our DEALER MAP.