What Is Passive House?

Passive House represents today's highest energy standard, with the promise of reducing the energy consumption of buildings by up to 80% while providing superior comfort and air quality -- all at minimal additional upfront cost. When coupled with renewable energy systems, such as solar, Passive House puts true zero energy buildings within reach.

Learn more about Passive House:

For a more comprehensive dive into the fundamentals of Passive House, we highly recommend using Passipedia.org: https://passipedia.org/start. (Sign up to become a PHCA member to receive access to the 'members only' area of this incredible resource.) 

Passive House California (PHCA)

We are a group of building professionals who have been working together since 2008 to:

  • Increase public and media awareness of the Passive House Standard
  • Facilitate the training of design and construction professionals
  • Develop details and techniques appropriate for California climates and building codes
  • Research Passive House construction costs and energy performance
  • Influence building energy policy by strategically interacting with government agencies, building professionals, non-profits and educational institutions
  • Partner and collaborate with those who share compatible goals

PHCA is a proud member of the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) - a growing coalition of independent, regional Passive House advocacy organizations based across the North American continent. We share resources and information with our fellow NAPHN member organizations: Passive House Northwest, New York Passive House, Passive House New Mexico, Passivhaus Maine and the Canadian Passive House Institute.

PHCA elected to join th
e International Passive House Association in 2012, to foster collaboration with the global Passive House community.  Our Professional Members enjoy access to the rich database of information provided to all iPHA member organizations by the Passive House Institute, including special discounts on software and access to the annual International Passive House Conference. 



Volunteering with PHCA

We are always looking for good help!  These tasks are usually a ONE-TIME-ONLY deal as we recognize that our busy, modern lives make it difficult to sign up to be on committees.  Here are some discrete tasks we would love you to volunteer for:

  • website updates and maintenance
  • graphic design for event brochures and posters
  • marketing and publicity outreach to media regarding PHCA events
  • tabling at a specific outreach event in your area
  • door sign-in at our monthly meeting
  • setup and cleanup at various events

If you'd like to volunteer to help at one of our upcoming events, please email us directly at: events.at.passivehousecal.org.

Architect Nabih Tahan's Passive House retrofit