Our mission is to promote awareness, understanding and application of the International Passive House standard in California through education, public outreach and advocacy.


Underlying Beliefs

  • We believe in a carbon neutral, all renewable energy future.
  • We believe that the built environment is a critical component in achieving that future.
  • We believe that the adoption of the International Passive House standard is key to establishing carbon neutral, resource-efficient buildings and communities.
  • We support the decarbonization of buildings: Employ PH protocols for maximum efficiency, minimize embodied carbon, electrify everything, and shift to renewable energy.




We are working in collaboration with the global Passive House community, local governments and like-minded, mission-driven organizations to transform our built environment for a healthier, more resilient present and a sustainable future.

We are an affiliate of the International Passive House Association and our members enjoy access to the rich database of information provided to all iPHA member organizations by the Passive House Institute.

Passive House California was established in 2008 and formally incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit in 2010. See our bylaws here.