As a non-profit, the generous support of our Sponsors makes everything we do possible. After looking through the information below, if you are interested in considering a sponsorship, please contact us at We would be happy to answer any questions and explore the possibility of your becoming a Sponsor of Passive House California.

Sponsorship Opportunities

All sponsorship levels include:

  • Opportunities to organize and present webinars with PHCA
  • A priority listing on our member directory
  • Logo on our sponsors page (priority based on level of sponsorship)
  • Logo/name displayed in our newsletter and on social media where applicable
  • PHCA sponsor logo available to display on your own materials

*Companies with 10 or fewer employees at the time of purchase or renewal are eligible for a 50% discount on Supporter or Silver levels, and companies between 11 and 20 employees at the time of purchase or renewal are eligible for a 25% discount on Supporter or Silver levels, please contact us at for details.



• Company/Organization Membership
• 1 Individual Professional Membership (additional available for $100 each)
• 1 iPHA Membership




• Company/Organization Membership
• 2 Individual Professional Memberships (additional available for $100 each)
• 2 iPHA Memberships




• Company/Organization Membership
• 3 Individual Professional Memberships (additional available for $100 each)
• 3 iPHA Memberships




• Company/Organization Membership
• 4 Individual Professional Memberships (additional available for $100 each)
• 4 iPHA Memberships


The Case for Investing in a Sponsorship

The foundational reason for considering Sponsorship of Passive House California is the alignment between your Organization/Company’s values and the mission of PHCA. By supporting our work, you will be helping to create more comfortable, healthy, durable, energy and resource efficient buildings and communities. There is also a probability that you will receive a financial return on your sponsorship investment through increased business opportunities, revenues, and profits, as well as an enhanced reputation for environmentally responsibility.

The information below provides a general overview of the ways that PHCA Sponsorship can benefit a broad range of Organizations/Companies. To get answers to your specific questions or to discuss sponsorship in more detail please contact us.

Potential Positive Impacts of PHCA Sponsorship

Increased Exposure and Access

  • Your Organization/Company logo multiple places on the PHCA website (includes link to webpage or other designated URL), priority listing and contact information in the Directory in the appropriate categories
  • Ability to create a Profile Page for your business and team members
  • Recognition by potential customers, supporters or recommenders who visit the PHCA website for general or specific information
  • Opportunity to proposed and work with PHCA to organize and present Webinars on topics related to Passive House design, construction, products, practices, and projects (Possible Webinars include Informational webinars, Web-based trainings (may include various CE credits/units), and/or Virtual product showcases (may include virtual factory tours)
  • Connection and interaction with other members and/or attendees at PHCA events, webinars, trainings, and other activities (primarily web-based for now)
  • Opportunity to submit papers, events, or programs for posting on the PHCA Website and/or PHCA social media (PHCA approval required)

Enhanced Credibility/Reputation

  • Ability to display the “PHCA Supporter” or PHCA Sponsor logo on your website and/or other informational and promotional platforms
  • Recognition by other PHCA members as a potential supplier, partner, or ally because of your association with PHCA and our involvement with the exploding interest in evidence-based high-performance design and construction
  • Your alliance with Passive House California is evidence that your Organization/Company is taking action to address climate change and is environmentally responsible

Differentiation from Competitors

  • Your potential customers, recommenders, or allies will recognize that your organization or company is a supporter of PHCA – you stand out from your competitors who are not
  • For the increasing number of Californians who are becoming aware of the personal and environmental benefits Passive House design and construction, your involvement with PHCA may be the reason that a potential customer chooses your Organization/Company over your competitors

Environmentally Responsible Place to Work

  • The first three points relate to increased success in achieving out-facing objectives… being responsible with our environment can be a very positive contributor to a company’s culture and your ability to attract like-minded people

Benefits Breakdown By Role

More specific lists of potential benefits of Sponsorship and the included Organization/Company Membership can be found at the links below. The lists are based on your organization/company’s role in the design and construction of Passive House buildings and/or the products, systems, solutions that you provide in the Passive House marketplace.

Architects and designers are aware that logic, the public in general, and codes are all moving in the direction of high performance, sustainability, and carbon reduction. Whether they are thinking offense – be among the leaders in this movement, or thinking defense – not get left behind, affiliation with PHCA is a positive move.

  • Their listing in the appropriate directory on the PHCA website (with a link to their website or other chosen URL) may get them noticed by, and facilitate contact with, potential clients that they would not reach otherwise
  • The PHCA Supporter or Sponsor logo on their website and promotional materials boosts their credibility and the probability of being selected by those who are interested in advanced design
  • They can create a Profile Page and post projects (in any phase of design and construction) to the PHCA project database
  • Participation in webinars trainings, workshops, and events (primarily online during COVID) can provide knowledge, credibility, and contact with potential customers and recommenders
    Thinking about the math… for most Sponsors, a single new customer or winning the competition for a customer would easily pay for the investment in PHCA Sponsorship
  • Shifting a portion of the marketing dollars from a single advertising campaign would likely makeup a large portion the investment for a membership or sponsorship.

These groups are primarily brought into projects on the recommendations of architects, developers, or contractors. Their alignment with, and expertise in high performance construction can get them noticed and provides instant credibility when they are noticed… or when they compete to be selected.

  • Again, their logo on our website and other materials, and our logo on theirs can connect them to possible new customers and provide credibility when they are competing to be selected
  • Networking and continuing education at our training, workshop, and events can find new customers and increase the probability of being chosen as the right resource
  • The math supports that an investment in PHCA is easily paid back by a single customer that they would not have found or won in competition with alternatives
  • The project database could also be a way to get noticed… or more likely to be used in the sales process as a proof of capabilities

For organizations in the supply chain, the probability of increasing their business is the most obvious benefit of PHCA Membership.

  • Potential customers/recommenders (virtually all of the other target groups) may find them through their listing in the directory on the PHCA website
  • The PHCA Supporter or Sponsor logo on their website creates trust in their company and products… particularly for their target customers
  • Participation in PHCA sponsored webinars, trainings, panels, and other events (primarily online at this time) will enable connections and interaction with potential customers and allies associated with Passive House design and construction
  • Being a sponsor, supporter or member validates their interest and alignment with high performance buildings, improves their credibility with potential customers, and differentiates them from others who provide similar products or systems
  • It is often possible to make the case that if they get a single new customer, they will recoup their investment in a PHCA Membership or Sponsorship
  • Virtually all companies in the high-performance building marketplace present themselves (website, social media, and other materials) as environmentally responsible and involved in sustainability… identifying themselves as a Member, Supporter, or Sponsor of PHCA is a positive indicator

Many contractors and subs are already involved in building high performance homes and other buildings… and many others recognize that this is the future of the built environment. Any of them will receive value from PHCA Membership or Sponsorship.

  • They will benefit from their listing in the appropriate directory on the PHCA website, and from the link to their website or other URL that they designate
  • Including the PHCA Member, Supporter, or Sponsor logo on their on their own website and promotional materials will also add to their credibility in the high-performance marketplace
  • Contractors are often recommended by architects and/or other professionals in the design and construction world, so participation in trainings, workshops, and other events (primarily online at this time) can provide credibility, and contact with potential customers and recommenders
  • Subs who are involved in efficiency related specialties (insulation, framing, HVAC, renewables) will find that their investment in a PHCA Membership or Sponsorship will make them a better fit with projects where high-performance is among the objectives

Realtors are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves to potential buyers and sellers. Some realtors are beginning to position themselves as the green, or sustainability, or high performance, or even Passive House experts in their geographic area. PHCA Membership or Sponsorship can be a positive differentiator in the fast-growing market segment that includes a focus on efficiency, health, and environmental responsibility.

  • Their listing in the Professional Organization Directory may bring them potential customers who are moving into their area and already interested in finding or building a high-performance home
  • More important, the PHCA Member, Supporter, or Sponsor logo on their websites, business cards, and other promotional mediums can enhance their credibility and differentiate them from others in the marketplace based on their knowledge of high performance and sustainability
  • They can also refer potential customers to the PHCA website to learn about the benefits of a high performing homes and other buildings… and gain further credibility for helping their customers become more aware of the benefits of Passive House