The International Passive House Association (iPHA) is a global network of Passive House stakeholders including architects, planners, scientists, suppliers, manufacturers, policymakers, contractors, property developers and more! We work to promote the Passive House Standard and foster a greater public understanding of highly energy efficient buildings. Our membership network encourages the exchange of Passive House knowledge, providing members with a range of benefits and advocating for Passive House in policy, the media, and amongst the general public and entire range of construction professionals.

The Passive House Institute (PHI) is an independent research institute that has played an especially crucial role in the development of the Passive House concept – the only internationally recognized, performance-based energy standard in construction.

Passive House California (PHCA) is a proud affiliate of the Passive House Network (PHN) – a growing coalition regional Passive House advocacy organizations based across the North America. We share resources and information with our fellow NAPHN member organizations: Passive House Northwest, New York Passive House, Passive House New Mexico, Passivhaus Maine and the Canadian Passive House Institute.

New York Passive House (NYPH) mission is to make the International Passive House standard adopted by industry, professionals, government, and homeowners through public outreach, education and advocacy for a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient built environment.