EpiPHany Corner | Call to Action — Be the Difference

The simple definition of epiphany is “an illuminating discovery or realization”. The purpose of this Month’s EpiPHany is to enlighten our many newsletter subscribers about logical actions you can take to accelerate the awareness and application of Passive House (PH) protocols within your own communities.

In the graphic below, the light coming from the single bulb in the center is energizing the luminescence in the surrounding bulbs. When you take actions in support of high-performing buildings, you will energize others.

As a subscriber to the PHCA newsletter you are already taking action by staying informed on progress and possibilities. The following provides additional ideas for your consideration:

Call to Action

Support High-Performance: Passive House is already gaining traction across California, largely due to the increasing impacts of climate change. As opportunities arise within your communities or circle of influence — add your voice in support of high-performance the design, construction, or retrofitting of buildings.

Educate Everyone: If you know of any organizations or groups that would benefit from learning more about Passive House and the building blocks of high-performance — reach out to info@passivehousecal.org to discuss and make arrangements for presentations, webinars, information, and/or other forms of support.

Pilot Projects: If you are aware of or have ideas for potential Pilot Projects to demonstrate and allow the public to experience the benefits of high-performing buildings — reach out to info@passivehousecal.org to explore possibilities and action plans for support.

Personal Opportunities: If you are considering a high-performance for a building or remodeling project (home, multifamily or commercial building) or know someone who is — reach out to info@passivehousecal.org to connect you to qualified building industry professionals with PH experience.

Professional Opportunities: If you are a professional associated with the building industry and would like to consider becoming a certified Passive House Designer/Consultant or Tradesperson — go to NAPHNetwork.org and check out the Education scroll down menu for possibilities.

Be the Difference

The IPCC has called for “unprecedented action” in the fight against climate change. Hopefully, this EpiPHany Corner has provided you with ideas and motivation to take further actions in support of Passive House for buildings that are energy efficient, have excellent IAQ, and are resilient.
Thank you for your consideration. ONWARD


Author: Jay Gentry