Certified Passive House Designer (Consultant) Training

Course Overview

The Certified Passive House Designer(Consultant) Training is the premier training program for Passive House building professionals working on residential, institutional, and commercial projects. This course dives into what makes Passive House buildings tick and builds a foundation of knowledge and skill to integrate Passive House building design standards into any building project.  This course is specifically designed to teach the international Passive House Standard (PHI) to American professionals in the U.S. construction industry using IP units, and is required prior to taking the CPHD/C professional certification exam.

In this course, you’ll explore the Passive House principles and how they relate to, and build off of, each other. Learn about the performance-based standards that make Passive House buildings better than standard building codes because they work in all climates around the world, can be applied to any construction types, and allow flexibility in approaches.

Why attend this course?

  • Gain a strong foundation in passive house principles that can influence all your building projects, including single-family, multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, and industrial.
  • Develop the skills needed to calculate for high-performance buildings.
  • Explore case studies of passive house buildings from a variety of projects, and learn best practices and design tips for different conditions.
  • Learn Passive House standards and calculations using Imperial units rather than metric.
  • Learn the core requirements for all certified passive house designer and consultants so that you can take the certification exam.

Course Takeaways