CODE BREAKER – Single Family All Electric | 2022 Energy Code Changes

Code Breaker — Single Family All Electric

This webinar is provided free of charge by Energy Code Ace.


The 2022 California Energy Code has introduced significant changes for Residential occupancies, from how these occupancies are to be classified and organized within the code to the introduction of new Mandatory and Prescriptive Measures facilitating preparation for future single-family all electric residences.

Join us for this one-hour presentation where we review not only the all-electric preparation requirements of the Energy Code, but also PV exemptions. We will also explore preparation for future all-electric buildings in the Energy Code requirements for heat pump space heating, domestic hot water, and battery-ready electrical panel configuration.


  • Cite the date when 2022 Energy Code requirements will go into effect
  • Describe how 2019 Residential occupancy classifications have been reorganized in 2022 Energy Code along with their corresponding code sections
  • Discuss updates to 2022 Mandatory Measures and Prescriptive requirements involving preparation for future single-family all electric residences
  • Recognize when solar photovoltaic and battery systems are required in single-family homes
  • Discuss 2022 updates to Prescriptive requirements involving heat pump space heating and domestic hot water
  • Identify online resources for more guidance on these topics

Available CEUs: AIA (1.0 LU | HSW) and ICC (0.1 CEU)