Emu Report on Energy Standards | California Results

Emu Report on Building Standards, Appendix B, California Results, offers first-of-its-kind analysis and data on 11 single-family homes built to Passive House standards in a variety of climate zones throughout California, evaluating their performance on comfort, indoor air quality, durability, heating and cooling loads, and energy efficiency.

Find out more about the report and access it here.

Enrico will present the Appendix B report on California, and take questions in conversation with PHN Executive Director, Ken Levenson.

The report here is an appendix to a larger national study by Emu titled Building Standards: Investigating the ability of 12 building standards to deliver resilient, healthy, and efficient buildings. The study is available for download from the Emu website.

AIA Course #: 20231207 (credit pending)

PHI Course #: pending

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline building performance standards under consideration in the report for California.
  2. Describe key performance indicators that the report included and why.
  3. Outline the results of the report comparing standards and performance indicators.
  4. Describe key factors driving these results and how practitioners may utilize this awareness to make better buildings.