“Eternal growth? Degrowth? Energy Efficiency for a somewhat different approach” (free for PHCA members)

A webinar with Prof. Wolfgang Feist, Passive House Institute

Economic growth is currently the almost universally used yardstick for evaluating success (of a company, a nation, or a government). There has long been a debate as to whether this is the right yardstick – and it is a matter of great debate. In this webinar, however, the author will shed light on some far more important aspects of growth: Has economic growth actually been permanently exponential? Can there be economic growth while, at the same time, the consumption of non-renewable resources decreases?

This iPHA member webinar will last approximately 90 minutes and is worth 2 Passive House Continuous Education (CEPH) credit points.

There are two webinar sessions available:

Session 2:  9am San Francisco