Passive House California Virtual Community Meeting | Exterior Shading Devices

In most of California’s climate zones it makes sense to select and position shading devices can have significant impact on comfort and energy consumption. Taking advantage of solar heat gain (SHG) in winter can significantly reduce heating demand, while minimizing SHG in the warmer months can moderate cooling demand and avoid overheating.

The presentation will:

  • Share results of studies showing the most effective ways to employ solar shading
  • Review differences between indoor and outdoor shading devices in terms of solar heat gain results.
  • Compare outdoor shading devices efficiency to retain natural sunlight while avoiding glare.
  • Reveal different techniques and automation solutions to control shading for maximum effectiveness
  • Provide a case study of applied shading devices that contribute to the achievement of Passive House performance

Presenter: Cyril Petit — Passive House California Board of Directors