Passive House Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

More than anything else, hospitals and medical centres realized to the Passive House standard are outstanding buildings in general!

Implementing the building envelope according to Passive House principles is simple and helps with indoor comfort. Low thermal losses in the hospital’s bedrooms, for example, reduce the heating energy demand as well as the risk that patients may feel cold and uncomfortable. Automated ventilation solutions for all bedrooms bring much better air quality and remove the cold draft air feeling common with window ventilation – this also makes the lives of the hospital staff easier…

Since hospitals have unique rooms and equipment that use a lot of energy, like operating rooms and medical gear, the planning team investigated optimization potentials during the planning process of the first Passive House hospital in Frankfurt Hoechst. Medical and hygienic requirements always had priority, but the team still found many opportunities for optimization that will be covered during the webinar.



Feb 01 2023

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iPHA (International Passive House Association)


iPHA (International Passive House Association)
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