Passive House Policy Summit

It’s often said in Passive House circles that we already have the solutions at our fingertips to make buildings part of the climate solution rather than the climate problem. We just need to use them. Passive House Accelerator’s Passive House Policy Summit says the same about Passive House policy ideas and policymaking. We already have the policy solutions at our fingertips to make Passive House and zero carbon building mainstream and widespread. Now it’s time to enact them.

The Summit starts with the resolution that virtually all new buildings can and should be Passive House buildings, right now. It then shares North American examples of how policy is accelerating this transition in New York, Massachusetts, Washington, British Columbia, and beyond. Attendees will come away with an understanding of these policies and how they can apply them to their own communities. Speakers will include:

  • Bev Craig of Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
  • Tom Eisele recently of NYC Mayor’s Office
  • Jung Bomee recently of New York City Housing Authority
  • Prudence Ferreira of BR+A, and member of ASHRAE 227 committee
  • Robyn Wark of BC Hydro
  • Anthony Pak of Carbon Leadership Forum
  • Mike Fowler of Passive House Northwest

The April 26 event will be our first policy summit and will focus on policies that impact new construction. We plan to hold a follow-up policy summit to focus on retrofits this fall.