Using PHribbon to Calculate Embodied Carbon in a New Masonry Building

Episode 5 of our Building Performance Interactive series, “PHribbon calculates the embodied carbon in a new masonry building,” will show how the PHribbon tool enables designers to achieve accurate calculations of the full lifetime embodied CO2 for Passive Houses and low energy buildings, including retrofits.

We will explore an embodied carbon assessment of a low-energy Passive House while considering operational carbon impacts. This will be explored with Tim Martel, developer of PHribbon energy software and Ben Adam Smith, the owner and self-build mentor. They will provide a deeper understanding of why PHribbon is such a valuable tool, demonstrate its versatility in use, with a focus on key materials and related services including heating systems.

PHribbon was recently adapted for the USA market; it has been available in Ireland and the UK for the past 3 years demonstrating its robust capacity to address carbon in buildings – ready to tackle the climate emergency.