Vancouver Passive House Policy and the Fire Hall 17 (presented by iPHA, free for PHCA members)

This Project Spotlight will highlight Fire Hall 17, an active fire station that was built and certified to the Passive House standard. Because of the unique requirements a fire station has for the building that houses the equipment and staff, the building performance Expert Elise Woestyn is able to give insights into how the project was realized and how the planning team and builders overcame the challenges in the process. Being such a unique and interesting building typology, it also provides an example to be replicated in other countries.
The second speaker, Chris Higgins, representing the city government of Vancouver, will present the policy initiatives the city has in place to promote the uptake of highly energy-efficient buildings. Incentives are essential in freeing up the resources to make sure that the built environment becomes more energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions connected to the operational energy in the process.