Mid-year International Passive House Open Days: Make your building the star!

Shoot a video tour of your Passive House project and share it with the world! Or open your Passive House to visitors !

Passive House Visitors:

The International Passive House Open Days are a great opportunity to learn about Passive House and energy efficient buildings. Get in contact with current owners and learn first-hand what it is like to live in a Passive House and what the building or retrofitting process was like. Some open houses and buildings will even have professionals on hand with the knowledge and tools to explain the technical details of Passive House projects. As well to all the opportunities to talk and learn about Passive House, participants can experience Passive House buildings, both residential and non-residential, for themselves. Enjoy the comfortable interior temperatures, take a look at the ventilation system, ask questions and consider the possibilities of Passive House for your own building projects. Find a local project via our world map! You will be able to check out the participating Passive House buildings, view, and event information in the entry. Please note that the map could have new entries up shortly before the event!

Passive House World Map

Passive House Owners:

To participate in the International Passive House Open Days 2023, you can add your project to the world map. Projects can be at various stages – from fully occupied to under construction. Registration is free of charge and can be done through this link. If your project already took part in past editions, but your contact data needs to be updated, you can contact us at info@passivehouse-international.org

Register your Building

Shoot a video tour of your Passive House project and share it with the world! More information about your Passive House video and Video Check list