Passive House California welcomes Minotair as a Silver Sponsor through 2022

Minotair manufactures state-of-the-art, ultra-high-efficiency HVAC solutions that are all electric, heat-pump based, and an excellent fit for Passive House projects. They offer all-in-one HVAC/D solutions that provide balanced fresh air ventilation, heating, cooling, and dehumidification—no outdoor unit. In addition, their medical-grade air filtration and additional air scrubbing capacity enables recirculation, which is a significant plus in California, as we deal with increasing smoke from wildfires and in dense urban areas when fine particles are present because of pollution.

Minotair has been very active in the North American Passive House community since 2016 and is proving to be an excellent HVAC solution for single and multi-family Passive House buildings. Based in Quebec, they have manufacturing, product development, and distribution capacities that service the United States, which has become their largest and most significant market. Stay tuned, as they will soon make an important announcement about a business alliance in California that will inventory Minotair solutions as well as provide training and ongoing support right here in the Golden State.