Passive House is an International Building Standard

Passive House is an International building standard that is calculated through a software program that is strictly for the climate zone you are planning on building in.

The PH Standards focus on 5 basic principles.

  1. Un-interrupted Continuous Insulation around the Whole Building Envelope
  2. Airtight Building Envelope
  3. Thermal Bridge Free
  4. Really good windows with proper U factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients
  5. Balanced Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Once I learned about Passive House Institute, I could not believe that we could live such a comfortable life inside a building. A life with no Thermostat wars, one without mold, or stale air, one that no matter where you are in your home, you can feel the same temperature year-round.

Since I own and run a Residential General Contracting business, I could not see myself building and remodeling any other way. So, I am dedicated to the Passive House Institute and incorporate their Standards every chance I get.

My name is Jason Scheurer, a Building Scientist with BEST Techs Contracting Design Build Remodel, Inc. We are a Measured Home Performance General Contractor Specializing in Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Homes, Utilizing Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards.