Passive House | Project Tour

Los Angeles Passive House SB9 & ADUs in CA’s Milder Climates | Project Site Visit

“Passive House SB9 & ADUs in CA’s Milder Climates” marked the first in-person Passive House California home tour in West Los Angeles, held in May 2024. Visitors had the unique opportunity to explore an all electric small-scale Passive House Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and a Single-Family Residence under SB9, both under construction in Los Angeles and designed by PARAVANT Architects.

During the tour, attendees observed the installation of dense pack cellulose cavity wall insulation (net & blow insulation), exterior continuous insulation over a self-adhering, vapor-permeable membrane, and a durable weather-resistant barrier. They also saw installed tilt-and-turn wood aluminum clad windows, the fresh air ventilation heat recovery ventilation system, heat-pump heating & cooling, heat-pump water heaters, a blower door test, and many other exciting components of a high-performance and healthy indoor air-quality building.

All technical Passive House high-performance comfort features are seamlessly integrated into a sophisticated and exciting architectural design, highlighting the crucial role of architectural excellence in achieving both energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

If you are interested in experiencing this project and tracking its progress, your next opportunity will be during the International Passive House Open Days in the end of June 2024

June 29, 2024 from 10:00am to 12:30pm with a presentation at 10:30am.
Please use link above the register.

VIDEO CLIP | Passive House Single Family per SB9 and ADU in Los Angeles, by PARAVANT Architects

The 5x Passive House Principles and Model of Project (single family house per SB9 with ADU)

Showcasing Products used on this Passive House Building in the Living Room

Quality Installation of an Exterior Wall Assembly for a Passive House

Each person attending is required to sign-up separately. You will be visiting an active construction site. Your safety is important, so please be aware that you are entering at your own risk. We kindly ask that you wear sturdy shoes, stay within designated visitor areas, and be mindful of uneven surfaces, construction materials, and tools. Please watch out for trip hazards and exercise caution around machinery and equipment. Additionally, we request that children and animals be supervised by their parents at all times.