Passive House Tradesperson Course (CPHT)

It’s been awhile since I’ve set foot in a classroom but the 4.5 day EMU Passive House Tradesperson Certification course wasn’t all textbooks and memorization. We were able to put the principles we were learning about in the lecture into practice with hands-on modeling. Friendly competition challenged our team to build air sealed and well insulated mock ups that were tested for effective construction overnight. Team Chipmunk (our team) came in 2nd!  The building science behind passive house construction is a dense topic, and there were moments it felt we were inundated with more information than anyone could retain.  Still, we left the training capable of navigating the material to apply it effectively on site as builders, and with a network of colleagues to throw ideas off of in the future. This was a great opportunity to become passive house certified as a tradeswoman, and I appreciate all the work done by EMU that went into making it an interactive and engaging course!

Author attending the Training: April Robbins