PHCA Welcomes Small Planet Supply as a Platinum Sponsor

Small Planet Supply is a North-American company that provides high-performance building products.  They are dedicated to the mission of creating both classic and modern high-performing buildings, including those designed and built to both Zero Net Energy and Passive House standards. In addition to supplying high-performance building products and systems they provide education, and training in the use of energy-efficient building materials and practices. They are passionate champions of the concept that humans can build buildings to live in, while caring for and restoring the environment. We are pleased and proud to welcome them to the Passive House California family.

With two warehouse locations (Vancouver, British Columbia and Tumwater, Washington), a knowledgeable customer team, and an online store that is open 24 hours a day, Small Planet Supply can help you make informed choices in the selection non-toxic, low embodied energy building materials to meet the needs of your high-performance building projects.

As a part of their increased presence in California they will be providing education from fixed locations as well as from their “Better Building Coach” which will make trips through the state, visiting projects and events, and providing training in high performing building envelopes and mechanical systems. More information can be found at