Building Zero Carbon California | Palo Alto 2015

Please see below presentations from the Building Zero California Symposium.


Diana Ürge-Vorsatz | Very High Performance Buildings : How Far Can They Take Us In Fighting Climate Change?

Bernstein, Hug & Thesen : Palo Alto Speaks Panel

Graham Irwin | Passive House as a Thermal Battery : Present + Future Value

Allen Gilliland | A + B = Zero : Zen and the Art of Zero Energy Design

Diane Moss | 100% Renewable – From Pipedream to Mainstream

Chie Kawahara | Living In A Passive House : Benefits, Care and Maintenance

James Bill + Mary James | Passive House Architecture in Spain : Lessons for California

Andrew Michler | Decarbonize Your Passive House

John Druelinger | Towards Safe and Natural High Performance

Ken Eklund | CO2 Refrigerant Heat Pumps : A New Technology

John Sarter | Sol-Lux Alpha, California’s First Multi-Family Microgrid, Passive House, Carbon Zero Living + Transportation System

Katy Hollbacher + Lizzie Adams | Case Study : 412 Olive Avenue Office, One Year Later

Roger Boulton | The Jackson Winery – A Carbon Neutral Building in Davis, CA

Ann Edminster | Why Low Tech Trumps Widgets and Gadgets Every Time

Lizzie Adams – Closing Remarks