International Passive House Architecture Award 2014

Energy efficient construction constitutes a crucial part of the solution for a sustainable energy future. The Passive House provides such a high level of energy efficiency that a completely renewable energy system not only becomes technically possible, but also economically viable. The Passive House offers even more: despite its extremely low energy demand, it guarantees maximum thermal comfort and excellent indoor air quality as well as a building substance that is long-lasting. These are the fundamental characteristics associated with the Passive House Standard since it is defined by the best possible performance of these functions. That is why particularly cost-efficient solution of construction tasks is possible through optimization using the PHPP (Passive House Planning Package).

Architectural design plays a key role in the process; any additional scope available to the architect pays off manifold in the form of better quality. More than a hundred impressive examples demonstrating this were submitted for the Passive House Award 2014, and the most outstanding projects are presented in this book. The wide range of winning designs shows that the Passive House Standard has found its place in mainstream construction. Whether these are housing estates or art museums, new builds or refurbishments, whether in the icy temperatures of Finland or the subtropical heat of South Korea, everything is possible. The great variety of designs demonstrates the huge extent offered by the Passive House Standard. The energy revolution and climate protection are the key issues of our times – and both can only be successful with the cooperation of the building sector. Many architects are aware of this and have accepted the challenge of combining technical expertise and creative design. Their work thus shows the way towards future-oriented construction and refurbishment.

We at the Passive House Institute hope that the award-winners presented here will provide inspiration for many further projects.