Ventilation Practices for Schools and Residential Buildings

iPHA Webinar February 2021|Speakers: Berthold Kaufmann, Passive House Institute Rainer Pfluger, University of Innsbruck

When temperatures drop in winter, relying on window ventilation to manually ventilate a room becomes very uncomfortable and unviable. Especially schools, with their high occupancy, are in need of alternatives when it comes to properly ventilate classrooms. In times of Sars-CoV-2, high air change rates play a major role in mitigating the risks of infection posed by the virus. Air purifiers, sometimes considered as a possible solution, don’t solve the problem adequately.

The Passive House Institute, with its decades worth of research in the fields of air quality and ventilation, seconds these recommendations. An HVAC system with heat or energy recovery is an efficient and reliable solution to provide sufficiently high air change rates without causing discomfort. This iPHA Webinar will address air ventilation solutions for schools, as well as recommendations for residential buildings.