The Passive House Network 2023 Design Awards

The competition will recognize climate-specific innovation in project design and detailing to address the particular needs of site, local climate and bioregion.


From its inception in the 1980’s the Passive House standard has been influenced by building sciences and climate vernaculars developed throughout the centuries and from around the globe. Drawing from the many lessons of regional building design the Passive House Institute has provided a robust climate adaptive and versatile building process. Based on the meticulous calculations of the site and local climate, the standard promises a universal level of low environmental impact, occupant well being, and resiliency. These responsive buildings are uniquely prepared for a rapidly changing world, anywhere in the world.


Entries shall be clustered and compared using the 7 PHI climate zones identified here. This means that size and building type does not matter, but location and climate region does. Projects will be assessed based on how they respond to local climate conditions or have used the flexibility of the Passive House standard to creatively deliver a climate-specific response. Entries shall be additionally judged using these sub-categories:

  1. Completed New Passive House Buildings
  2. Completed EnerPHit retrofits.
  3. Unbuilt or incomplete new build or EnerPHit
  4. Passive House Assembly or Installation Detail (must be part of a submitted project.)


  • Entries are due on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 4th, Midnight Pacific Time.
  • Winners shall be announced at the annual PHN Conference in Denver Colorado, on Wednesday, October 4th, 6PM Mountain Time.