Advocates for efficient homes set a goal of building 1,000 units in Monterey County by 2030.

A Sky Ranch home under construction escaped flames from the Carmel Fire in part because builder Rob Nicely (left) is using Passive House building concepts. He and Jay Gentry (right) are championing Passive House construction in Monterey County. Photo: Parker Seibold

Article in the Monterey County Weekly features Sky Ranch Passive House written by Pam Marino, photo by Parker Seibold.

When Jay Gentry was a young man he thought he was called to the ministry, but it didn’t quite work out as a career choice. Yet Gentry is a natural evangelist, and today he preaches but not from a pulpit. His message is about the need to combat the climate crisis through building sustainable and energy-efficient passive houses. Along with Carmel builder Rob Nicely, the two men have a goal to facilitate the building of 1,000 passive house units in Monterey County by 2030.

“I spend most of my working time addressing climate change for my kids and grandchildren and great grandchildren,” Gentry says. It’s what fuels his passion for meeting the goal.