Implementing Passive House in Title 24 | California Bill Proposal

Climate Action California Needs Your Help – Together, we can make a difference!

Passive House California (PHCA) is backing the Climate Action California proposal to integrate the global Passive House construction standard into California’s Energy Building Code Title 24. This move would allow the Passive House Standard to be incorporated into the code as an alternative compliance pathway, enabling the establishment of an ambitious, climate-conscious reach code. This approach represents a key strategy for creating resilient, affordable housing for low-income communities while preparing for the future.

Call to Action

#1 | Please register as a supporter here [link].

#2 | Please contact your local representative to tell them about this bill and ask them to support or propose the bill proposal. We need multiple elected representatives to sponsor it for the 2025 legislative session.



Contact Climate Action California

If you’re interested in joining our coalition to advocate for the inclusion of the Passive House Standard in Title 24, please contact Robert Haw at


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