Passive House California Virtual Community Meeting | Exterior Shading Devices | Recording

In most of California’s climate zones it makes sense to select and position shading devices can have significant impact on comfort and energy consumption. Taking advantage of solar heat gain (SHG) in winter can significantly reduce heating demand, while minimizing SHG in the warmer months can moderate cooling demand and avoid overheating. The presentation will: Share results of studies showing the most effective ways to employ solar shading Review differences…

MyGBCE 2023 Los Angeles

Passive House California (PHCA) was attending with a booth as community partner the “My Green Building Conference + Expo”. The largest and longest-running gathering for green building and sustainability advocates in Southern California organized by the U.S. Green Building Council - Los Angeles (USGLB LA). We had many good conversations and reached outreach out to stakeholders informing them about the international Passive House construction standard and building certification. MyGBCE 2023 Website