Wildfires, COVID-19 and Passive House in California

Based on the great interest we noticed during the round table discussion “Passive House on the Frontlines: Wildfire Smoke & Indoor Air Quality” we would like to share the following two articles on this topic with you: “How Do You Sell a 'High-Performance Home?” by Lloyd Alter who is Design Editor for Treehugger “Keeping the Smoke Out” by Cameron Munro & Joel Seagren

Passive House on the Frontlines: Wildfire Smoke and Indoor Air Quality

We know that the airtightness and filtered fresh air ventilation of Passive House design delivers superior indoor air quality to residents. These benefits are well-documented and are a key reason that many choose to live or work in Passive House buildings. But what happens when wildfire smoke creates unprecedented levels of pollution with astronomical particulate counts and AQI indices of 600 or higher? Is the superior indoor air quality of…